One Evening

Hair like strands of burning mahogany.  Deep, olive colored eyes that change color in the light to almost red.  Absolutely stunning.  She smells like fresh mountain air, with the essence of the first wildflowers to bloom for the season.  She dances on wind as she walks, floating in the space she occupies.  The crowds bend to her will, parting as she passes, leaving her completely free to continue on toward wherever she is headed.   She’s tall enough to stand out but not enough to stick out.  Her shape is perfect, like she was sculpted by a master artist.  From any angle, she is beautiful.  She smiles like she has never been hurt or felt sadness in her life.  But that’s impossible.  The best of the best isn’t good enough for her.  No matter how perfect people treat her, it won’t be good enough.  She truly deserves the very best.  You can’t help but admire her, for any number of reasons.  She is one of those people who goes through life without a worry or care and receives the full benefit of her ways.  But there is one problem. Continue reading

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I stared with a pained look on my face as the train slugged out of the station.  It’s big, lazy wheels just starting to turn and grind against the rails made a noise that sounded like it would end the world.  If for no other reason than it was taking my Lucy from me.  Continue reading

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Green Eyes

He couldn’t tell for sure, as he glided around the corners and floated down the straight-aways, whether he was running toward something, or running away.  It was very dark outside.  The sun had long since set and night had taken its turn inhabiting the sky.  The moon shone bright, with the light it borrowed.  It reflected cleanly off of the fresh wax on his car, rippling along the body panels as he came closer and closer to his destination.  It was the eyes that drove him.  The brilliant green eyes he had been seeing for days stared deep into him, as if to let him know that he was going to be alright after all.

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The Summit and Fallen Comrades

Something shining blanketed the sky as she called out laughingly over the hill.

“I’m going to kill myself any minute in these things.” Her voice rang through the summer air like a crystal bell, crisp and clear.

“We’re almost there.  You can take your shoes off when we get to the top.”

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